Wednesday, January 25, 2012

March 2011 Sage's Baptism

Sage and Glenn, Don't drown me dad!

I'm so glad I get to finally be baptized!

Sage and all those who participated in his confirmation!
Bishop Johnson, Uncle Robb, Dad, Brother Jeremy Gatherum our Home Teacher, and Brother Kyle Colbert

Cousins, friends, and siblings join Sage on his special day.

Sage and Dad. Thanks dad for not drowning me!

We are so proud of our Sage. This was a big day for him.

February 2011

First time snowboarding!

It's not as easy as it looks!

Fun enough to keep going up for another run!

Notice I'm covered in snow but my friend Megan isn't. I wonder who looks like they're having more fun playing in the snow, me or Megan?

This is definitely a tiring sport. I was black and blue for a month. I'm looking forward to doing it again this year!

Caleb on the Jefferson Jr. High archery team!

Caleb is the blurry one in the middle.

We enjoyed watching him in the first archery tournament hosted by a school in Salt Lake.

Micah got a new apron and a gingerbread house kit for Christmas. She had a blast putting it together.

Valentines Day! Look at all my Valentines!

Micah and Sage showing all the valentine's they got at their school party.

Caleb, Keilee, Micah,and Sage showing off little heart notepads they got for Valentine's Day

Candle light Valentine's day dinner. Mom and Dad served us!

Sage's 8th Birthday! The kids decorated his room as a surprise.

Sage loves baseball!

Sage's birthday party!

Grandma's Birthday!!!! Another year older and still looks 29!

Gunner got a snow shovel for Christmas. It's his favorite thing. He loves Helping dad shovel the walk.

2011 Christmas Card Replacement - JANUARY

Grandma and Gunner enjoying a winter bike ride on their new bicycles!
Grandma showing off her Angela Lansberry bike.
Gunner showing off his new Lightening McQueen bike.
Micah making Keilee's birthday cake.
Keilee's 14th Birthday Party!